Minimal x Sustainable x Work wear


Things we are not

A raging fire | A storm in a teacup  |  A bright flash of plastic


Things we like

A weathered rock  |  The colour of earth  |  The calm of the breeze  |  The silent voice, listening


We are saltpetre, the salt of the earth. 

We were made to blend with the earth, not to dominate it.

We believe there is freedom in simplicity.

We design work appropriate clothing in minimal, non-restrictive silhouettes and

build them using earth sustainable practices.

Products that you and the earth both want to live with.

Conceived by earth-loving designers from around the world,

Saltpetre exists to serve those who look beyond the label.

Live Saltpetre. Live the freedom that comes from simplicity.


Explore our minimally designed first collection for women’s work wear here: The capsule

Know more about our earth sustainable practices here: Earth-Sense



The team

We are an agile collective of creators

– artists, designers, storytellers, scientists, engineers & strategists –

from around the globe.

Geographically dispersed but ideologically huddled together

in the shared pursuit of simplicity and sustainability.

We enjoy blurring the lines between art, science and commerce

to create products that simplify lives.


The Anchor

The Saltpetre idea is passionately championed by Pooja Monga – a former

consumer marketing professional who has worked on sustainable lifestyle and

product design for the FMCG industry.

Pooja’s corporate avatar exposed her to a lifestyle fatigued by consumerism and

excess. She realised that true freedom requires simplifying the overwhelming

crush of ideas & trends around us, most of which are short-lived and earth-

burdening. She conceived of Saltpetre to promote a simpler, natural alternative to

the ephemeralness that marks consumerism today.



We are always seeking talented creators to collaborate with.

If a minimalist aesthetic appeals to you and

you are motivated to leave the earth better than you found it

then do write to us at :